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9 Key Components To Attracting New Customers Through Great Content

Attract New Customers To your website

If you want to keep attracting new customers, have them engage with you, and be welcoming to future contact, there is a method to it, and if you take note and follow the experts advice, you will engage your potential audience via content and earn them as a new customer.

Here are 9 key points to creating great digital content for your audience, whether it be through a blog, website, or social media channel, and ensure you engage them.

1. Strong headlines

You have about 3 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Your headline not only has to let them know what your blog/article/post/message is about, it must jump off the screen and draw them in. Ask a question, give them an irrefutable fact, touch their heartstrings and so on… You know what I mean, give them a reason to stop scanning their newsfeed and want to know more about your post.

2. Create original content

It’s a given that your audience will welcome new, original information. That’s why they’re there in the first place, to onboard new knowledge. They are hardly going to come back and visit, or read what you have to say, if there is nothing new on your blog or website or social media sites.

It’s not just your customers that will respond favourably to new, fresh, organic content; the search engines know what’s new and what’s rehashed. And if it’s rehashed, you go down in their rankings. Welcome to the world of SEO.

3. Actionable content

Don’t just give them information for the sake of information, let them know what they can do with it, how they can put it into practice. How they can better their situation with your information – that’s why they are there.

4. Be able to provide answers

Similar to actionable content where the user is looking to do something with your content, your potential audience is looking for answers, so provide them. They don’t call Google, Bing, Explorer and others, Search Engines for nothing. Their users are searching for information, for answers, for knowledge. They are using the search engines to gather information, they’re asking questions.

As a product or service you need to know what your audience is looking for, what they are asking for. Then answer their questions.

5. Provide accurate information

First up your audience is going to check your information. You’re not the only source out in the world wide web, and the content you put forward can be checked. It better be accurate. You need to present yourself as the expert in your field, their expert in your field.

Secondly the Search Engines know what you are saying, they know the claims you are making, and they know whether they are accurate or not. For SEO benefits, what your content is claiming better be accurate and substantiated.

6. Create engaging content

Back to the 3 second rule; You have to catch your audience’s attention, your content needs to be engaging, capture their intrigue and their ‘want’ to know more. You can do this with an eye-catching image and grabbing tagline, or a relevant video, but you can also engage your potential customers with words.

An article should engage the reader. Sure, they want information relevant to them, but to grab and hold their attention, maybe you can tell them a story as everyone loves a story. Be open, be honest and be creative.

7. Use images and video to communicate

A picture tells a thousand words; a video tells the whole story. Visual communication, whether its pictures, video, infographics or illustrations will help you to illustrate your message. No matter what your topic is, you need to bring it to life with images. It’s easier to explain your point with an image, rather than more words.

8. Write short and to the point content

Your readers’ attention span is short. Online surfers are skimmers and scanners; they’re not looking for the whole story, they’re scanning the article, so keep it short and to the point.

9. Post regularly

You may think you’ve put in a good effort by writing a blog post once a month and pushing it out through your marketing channels, but you’re customers, or potential customers, are likely to say, “Oh that’s right, I vaguely remember something from them last month”.

The only way to keep in their face, is to keep in their face.

SO there you have it; content is very, very important, and important to do it properly.

You need to constantly be pumping original engaging content out through the various marketing and social channels to your prospective audience.


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