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Where Do You Need Help In Your Business?






Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I do what ATTRACT does, strategically and aesthetically?

  • Do I have the time to do it?

  • Can I make money while it is being done?

I would think the answers were No, No and Yes.

So you'd like me to work my operational and marketing magic on your business, product or service?


Please see below for some services. As it's about your business, we'll end up planning strategy and direction specifically for you.

"You'll never get a second chance to make a first impression"



I am a digital expert, who can see the wood from the trees, and have been doing this stuff for decades. I build, develop, strategise, manage, design, create, write, post. I can improve your businesses attraction to customers.

Attract Magnetic Leads - leads that stick.

Everything I do, for you, is with your customer's focus, through a marketing lens.​ As an entrepreneur I have that 'out of the box' thinking, matched with a "surely there's a cheaper more efficient way to do that" logic.

I know how non-corporate sized business works because I've spent my working life in it. Although not always small, I'll call it small business. I know how to market your business online, because I understand operations, customer service, consumer sales, and B2B sales. I've done it successfully.

Here's my LinkedIn profile to prove it.

Why you could need a business coach?

  • You have great clients, just not enough of them.

  • You need more leads to convert.

  • You’re reacting and responding rather than planning and managing.

  • You're not quite sure how to implement your marketing, or whether you're doing it properly.

What we can do together

  • Make your marketing relevant.

  • Engage your audience.

  • Evaluate your marketing messaging (communication).

  • Analyse and improve your website.

  • Evaluate your pricing model.

  • Build strategy and direction.


What to expect from me

  • Zoom or equivalent meetings - In person if you're on the Northern Beaches, City or North Shore.

  • First meeting is 1-1/2 hours business deep dive; meetings thereafter are 1 hour.

  • Email or text contact as required between sessions.

  • Access to my operational knowledge base for marketing implementation and hands-on help..

Expert in Target Audience Messaging

Free Services


Expert in Target Audience Messaging

Website Pricing


Of course your website looks good. You built it (or designed it). But does it "work" for you?

It needs to attract your customers, then engage them, then connect with them, over and over.


I get alot of calls for "Can you make some changes to my website?"

Usually that's because it's built on a platform that the average business manager has no hope to understand. (We can, but you probably can't)

That's why our client websites are built on WIX.


  • It's Quicker - That's better for you

  • It's Easier - So it's quicker

  • Hand Over - when it's finished, you have the direct access to make changes as and when you need to. Changes like times, prices, images, blog articles and so on. (Just don't stuff up our work)

You may have heard of WIX. It's one of those Do-It-Yourself website builders. DIY, if you know what you are doing.

The amount of people that have said, "I started building a WIX website, can you just fix it up for me." Little do they know what is required to fix it up.

Any business owner can take a template, change some copy and some images and pretend they have a website; but is it designed to attract, engage, and convert customers.

DIY website platforms are a trap for most.


My hourly charge out rate to design and build is $120. That's cheap.

Most things I do are on a project guideline. You may need me to build a simple one scrolling website, copy what you have, but adding my marketing lens to it (of course) for a far more appealing site that will attract and engage your audience.

Something more detailed with sales pages and a customer funnel, email automation integration, social media setup and all the bells and whistles may be up to 5 > 10K. 

All of our website projects, big and small, are SEO ready and fully mobile optimized so they can be viewed simply on a phone. And of course they all include our Strategic Marketing Lens. 

Really, it all depends on what you are trying to do. Do you want a website 'business card' or do you want to attract, engage and convert visitors? 

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